Yard Sale Finds #20

This will be the third post on my new blog, and it will also be the third installment of “Yard Sale Finds”.  I didn’t mean for it to happen this way, but it’s not a bad thing right?  I do have other things I would like to post(including some figure reviews), but they still need work.  Yard sale season is in full effect, and I’ve been taking advantage of the great deals and nice weather that we have been having. Here we go!

Yard Sale Finds #20 003

I paid a total of 25 cents for these 2 Charlie Brown Encyclopedias.  This is the first time I came across them in the wild, and I didn’t hesitate in the least to make the purchase.  I don’t have any real sentimental attachment to them(other than I’ve been a fan of the Peanuts since I was a kid), but I think that they will be fun teaching tools for my “almost here” daughter.  🙂

Yard Sale Finds #20 005

Now, I am a huge fan of comics(Marvel in particular), even though my collecting has dropped way, way off.  These comics are in terrible condition, but I bought them for reading, and I think I can include a few of the ads in my “Reminiscing with Old Comic Book Ads” posts.  I’ve collected comic books off and on for many years.  And that’s the key word, collected.  I’ve never “invested” in comics, so condition isn’t the key with me.  As long as the price is fitting for the condition, it’s okay.  But my enjoyment has come from the reading of the comics, as well as the artwork.  Secret Wars is a great series(as are the toys), but I amnot familiar at all with any of the Conan comics(I bought it primarily because it’s from 1986).

Yard Sale Finds #20 004

When it comes to video game strategy guides, I’ll pass most of the time.  But if it’s an old-school guide, or for a game that I dig Ill definitely pick it up.  Which was the case here.  I’m more of an old-school gamer, but I really like the Smash Bros. series.  Melee is the only one I own(a Yard Sale Find last year), and this guide is a perfect companion.  Plus, it’s the official Nintendo Power guide.  25 cents well spent!!

Yard Sale Finds #20 001

Toys from my childhood just keep getting harder to find at yard sales, so I was surprised when I found a pile of these guys.  Since I was interested in all of them, the seller only wanted a dollar.  Of course, I obliged.  When it comes to M.U.S.C.L.E.s I’m not too picky.  The only requirement is that I don’t already have the specific figure.  If I have the flesh colored one, and come across a different colored one, I’ll pick it up.  This is the most I’ve came across at a single time, and I was pretty giddy when I found them at the bottom of that box.  🙂  I only know that Sunshine is the one in the center, I do not know any of the others(neither did I when I was a kid).  I’m still on the lookout for the Claw(in any color).

Yard Sale Finds #20 002

As I said in my last post, I have been very fortunate when it comes to finding Game Boy games this year.  These 2 came with their instruction manuals, and only ran me a buck a piece.  They’re not sought after or anything, but nice additions nonetheless(any incarnation of Frogger has to be good, right?).

Yard Sale Finds #20 006

And these might be the finds of the day.  The M.U.S.C.L.E.s are my favorites, but I have never found a single Game & Watch in the wild, let alone 3!  I don’t know if they work, but the seller was asking 2 dollars for all 3, and I thought that was fair enough.

Yard Sale Finds #20 008

These don’t really fit my collecting focus(other than that they are Nintendo products), so I put them up on Ebay.  If you’re interested, here’s the link if you’re interested.

Yard sales have been very good to me this year, and I really can’t complain.  But I just wish that the video game luck I have been having would equal out with old-school toy luck.  But no complaints on my end.



5 Responses to “Yard Sale Finds #20”

  1. Nice scores Jason! Sunshine is my favorite of the Muscle Men and that’s a killer deal on those Game N Watches they can really go for some good money with collectors.

    • Besides the Claw, Sunshine is the only M.U.S.C.L.E. I know by name. I know that the Game & Watch games can go for some decent money, I only wish I had the correct batteries to test them. I bet they would have been some fun to try playing. 🙂

  2. Great scores. My yard sales suck around me.

  3. I love those Snoopy educational books. I have the collection in Spanish of the “Great Book of QUestions and Answers of Charlie Brown” edited in Spain. I read them so many times that they ended up broken. I have them yet, but I’m afraid of touching them now… they can get dissintegrated!

  4. […] been a long time in the making, but her it finally is!  This is where the majority of my Game & Watch earnings went […]

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