Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Ultra Magnus

So, it looks like I’m finally going to do a figure review(my version of one anyway), on the new(er), blog here.

And it should be no surprise that it’s a Transformers figure.  And this one is somewhat special to me.

You see, when I went to see TF – The Movie, I came out with Ultra Magnus being my new favorite Transformer.  While the original is on my want list, I could not pass this version up.  Sure, I need a Optimus Prime for my collection, and even though this is a repaint of the Optimus from this series(with a different head sculpt), I prefer Ultra Magnus’ color scheme.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 001

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 002

I think the artwork on the card is fantastic, and that was originally what caught me eye.  As you can see, he comes packaged in robot mode.  But if you know me, I always like to start with vehicle mode, and I’ll continue that trend here.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 008

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 007

His alt mode is a Cybertronian Truck, which is no different than Optimus.  While it’s not as iconic as a big rig, it still looks pretty neat.  The figure directions weren’t completely useless, but there were a few parts that didn’t really make sense, so I had to figure out about half of the transformation without them.

And as per usual, I think the figure looks best in it’s robot mode.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 011

For some reason, I really like this photo.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 010

UM comes with a blaster and sword,  The back of the card says that the two combine, but I wasn’t digging it.  However, I do like the fact that Hasbro did include both weapons.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 009

The cost of these figures has gone down a little on these, not clearance, mind you.  But they are a ittle more comfortable on the expenses.  I also had a discount offer from where I ordered it.  In all, I paid around $10 total(well worth it).  Now, I know I won’t be getting the new Metroplex(that would be pretty sweet though), so I just need to pick up Starscream, and I think I’ll be set for a wave or 2.  😉


One Response to “Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Ultra Magnus”

  1. Decent looking rendering of a classics Jason and i agree i love Ultra’s colors too.

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