Monster Cereals

With Summer now over, and fall moving in, Halloween is on it’s way.  And one of my favorite things about this is annual arrival of Monster Cereals.

For a long time, these cereals were available year-round(Count Chocula and Frankenberry).  But sometime during the past few years, they have only been an annual fall offering.  So if you had a hankering for Count Chocula, Frankenberry or Boo-Berry, you had to wait until September.

But General Mills really stepped up their game this year.  Not only did they get the 3 above-mentioned cereals on shelves, they also brought back two beloved favorites as well.


Fruity Yummy Mummy is a cereal that I fondly remember, and was the major reason I was so excited about the Monster Cereals this year.  It was introduced in 1987, and was discontinued in 1993*.  For years, I have had the tagline for this cereal stuck in my head(“Fruity Yummy Mummy makes your tummy go yummy!”), and again, I finally have the cereal that goes with it.

Frute Brute is the one MC that I have no familiarity with.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the idea of it being resurrected.  From my research, Frute Brute was introduced in 1975 and discontinued in 1984*.  I was 5 years old at the time FB was discontinued, so it is a possibility that a box or 2 may have been in my household during my life.

Not only are all 5 Monster Cereals available for purchase, but Target has the exclusive retro themed boxes!


I was unable to find Frute Brute when I picked up the above two, but will do so when I do see it.  It would make sense to pick up Count Chocula and Frankenberry as well, so that I would have a complete set.

Cereal boxes are outside of my normal collecting scope(I only had a newer style Boo-Berry box up until this point), but this is a reason to start.  I have been interested in a few cereal boxes I’ve seen online, but never actually pulled the trigger.  I can’t think of a better, or tastier place to start!

* – This is the information from Wikipedia.  Other sources have conflicting years, so I went with what sounded right.


6 Responses to “Monster Cereals”

  1. Ha! We blogged about these guys on the same day too funny.

  2. Cannot wait to find them myself whenever I can get to Texas.

  3. Love Halloween and the fall season in general.Products like cereal and other house hold items do a great job advertising it.

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