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Yard Sale Finds #21 and Other Pick-Ups

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Even as we’ve entered October, the weather has been cooperative enough for yard sales to continue.  Of course there aren’t as many as there are during the summer months, but I appreciate seeing any at all during this time of year.

What we’ll be taking a look at came from a garage sale, a thrift(-like) store, and a big-box establishment.

So, let’s start out with what I found at my local Wal-Mart.


I actually found all 3 live-action TMNT films on Blu-ray this weekend, but I couldn’t justify purchasing all 3 at once.  Surprisingly, I only have the second live-action film on dvd, so I was able to justify buying 1 of the movies on Blu-ray.  And the first one was the best way to go.  Since I already owned the second one, the choice was between the first and the third.

Eventually, I will have all 3 films on Blu-ray, and just so we’re clear, I do like all three films.


As you can see, this version of Tetris is for Macintosh computers.  I was helping someone mover recently, and they asked if I wanted it.  Since it’s a classic game, and it was something I didn’t currently have, I accepted it without hesitation.

The 2 Game Boy games were found at a thrift-like store(the proprietors consider it a flea market), and cost me about $5 each.  The reason I say about $5 each, is because one of the games was marked at $8, and the other was marked at $5, and I got both of them, as well as 2 comic books, for $10.


The ALF(a favorite comic series of mine) and The Punisher(one of my all-time favorite characters/comic series ever) comics were the 2 comics I got with the Game Boy games.  The others came from the same people I got Tetris from.  As I have said in the past, I don’t actively collect and read comics, but if the opportunity is there, why not(I’m also not a stickler when it comes to condition[depending on price]).  The ads in these might be used for a few posts, but we’ll see(I haven’t looked through them thoroughly yet).


What you see above are fast food premiums.  Ickis is from Hardees, Doc Brown and Taz are from McDonald’s, and the Beetlejuice toys are from Burger King.  I already had one of the Beetlejuice toys(I’m a big fan of the animated series, and I’d like to get the complete set of these toys), as well as the Taz, but these toys were going for 5 for $1, and they were among the best(plus they’re good for trades etc.).  The Doc Brown Delorean looks like it may have been melted a little in the rear(I didn’t notice this when I bought it, and I did have 2 to choose from).


The Killer Tomato is the whole reason I even went through the tubs of small toys in the first place.  when this cartoon/toyline debuted, I was 12, and I was slowly getting out of the toy/cartoon game.  But, for years, I have always thought that Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a very interesting idea,  as well as toyline(looks like I have a new collection to start 😉 ).  I haven’t delved too deep, but I’m really diggin’ it!  This is the first I’ve seen of them in the wild, and I’m not sure that I’ll turn up any more.

The Slimer candy container is another great addition since it’s a Ghostbusters item,and a candy container I remember having.  I’m almost positive that the Scrooge McDuck is a cereal premium(I remember having it back in the day), but I’m not too sure.  I casually collect California Raisins, and this trumpet playing one was one I haven’t seen, nor had.  And lastly, the figure on the left is from the Flintstone Kids, and is stamped 1986.  I’m not sure where it came from, but hey, at 5 for $1, I couldn’t go wrong!


ALF Collectible Figures – Augie with the Family Dog Neep

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This is a line I have been wanting to start collecting for a long time.

I remember when these hit the shelves, and my brother and I both had 2 each.  That meant that we had over 60% of the entire line.  There wasn’t much to the toys themselves, but for some reason I always liked them.  Each figure had no articulation, and came with a vehicle as an accessory.  The one exception is Augie, who came with the “family dog” Neep, instead of a vehicle.


On card, they’re not too expensive, but you’ll need to look around to make sure you’re not overpaying.  The example I have may have been resealed, as I spotted a hair inside of the packaging, and the bottom of the card seems to point to it being re-glued.  But this isn’t a huge issue, since I don’t consider this an investment.  I think I love the card just as much as the toy itself.  I would like to get the complete line MOC, but if I can find them loose at the right price, I’ll pick them up as well.


Augie is ALF’s little sister, and I believe this is derived from the animated series.  I haven’t seen any of the animated episodes in years, but I have been watching the live action show recently, and I haven’t heard any mention of her.  Although I just watched the pilot this morning, and he ALF did mention Skip.  I’m not an ALF expert, but I am a fan.

These figures were released in 1987, and manufactured by Coleco.  Coleco had some pretty cool licenses in the 80’s, but went out of business in 1989.

If you look closely on the back of the card, it states “Manufactured for Coleco Industries, Inc. Amsterdam, NY 12010”.  Well, Amsterdam is a short 30 minute drive from my house.  I am in the area frequently, and have been aware of the Coleco factory for years, but have only recently did more than just drive past.


The above photo was taken by me on a recent trip through Amsterdam.  Even though the company has been gone for more than 20 years, the logo is still on the side of the still-standing factory.  I figured some of you would appreciate this little piece of toy history, as I found it pretty interesting myself.