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Monster Cereals

Posted in Food/Beverage with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on September 22, 2013 by Jason

With Summer now over, and fall moving in, Halloween is on it’s way.  And one of my favorite things about this is annual arrival of Monster Cereals.

For a long time, these cereals were available year-round(Count Chocula and Frankenberry).  But sometime during the past few years, they have only been an annual fall offering.  So if you had a hankering for Count Chocula, Frankenberry or Boo-Berry, you had to wait until September.

But General Mills really stepped up their game this year.  Not only did they get the 3 above-mentioned cereals on shelves, they also brought back two beloved favorites as well.


Fruity Yummy Mummy is a cereal that I fondly remember, and was the major reason I was so excited about the Monster Cereals this year.  It was introduced in 1987, and was discontinued in 1993*.  For years, I have had the tagline for this cereal stuck in my head(“Fruity Yummy Mummy makes your tummy go yummy!”), and again, I finally have the cereal that goes with it.

Frute Brute is the one MC that I have no familiarity with.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the idea of it being resurrected.  From my research, Frute Brute was introduced in 1975 and discontinued in 1984*.  I was 5 years old at the time FB was discontinued, so it is a possibility that a box or 2 may have been in my household during my life.

Not only are all 5 Monster Cereals available for purchase, but Target has the exclusive retro themed boxes!


I was unable to find Frute Brute when I picked up the above two, but will do so when I do see it.  It would make sense to pick up Count Chocula and Frankenberry as well, so that I would have a complete set.

Cereal boxes are outside of my normal collecting scope(I only had a newer style Boo-Berry box up until this point), but this is a reason to start.  I have been interested in a few cereal boxes I’ve seen online, but never actually pulled the trigger.  I can’t think of a better, or tastier place to start!

* – This is the information from Wikipedia.  Other sources have conflicting years, so I went with what sounded right.