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2 More Super Mario Blind Bags and a Major Figure Knocked Off My Want List

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So.  Another weekend, another post.

I may have actually found a schedule for writing that I can actually adhere to!  🙂

The base material for this post is just about the same as the last post, but the end result is different.

So we’ll start with the first of 2, Super Mario blind bag figure I had left to open.  I had looked online for the codes for each of the figures I wanted, as I didn’t want to pay for figures I wasn’t really interested in.  I’m sure I would’ve been fine with the other figures, but there were 4 specific ones I was interested in, and I also would’ve been disappointed if I ended up with doubles.


The packaging is the same, but the contents are not.


Even if you couldn’t see the face, you probably could’ve guessed that it was Wario based on the color scheme alone.  Not at all complicated to put together, and nothing really interesting about the figure, other than that it’s Wario.


I don’t have a ton of Nintendo related figures, so the chance to own a Wario in this scale is pretty cool.

On to blind bag number 2.


The same on the outside, as always.


But again, the contents is where the difference lies. This one may be a little harder to figure out than the previous 3, if your a novice, or a newer generation of gamer.  But the face is what gives the figure away.  This figure also has the more pieces than the others that I’ve reviewed.


It’s a Shy Guy.  I absolutely had to have this figure, as Super Mario Bros. 2 is one of my favorite games.  One of the reasons I like the game so much, is the variety of great characters throughout the game.


How could you not like this guy?


There’s not much in the realm of posability, as is the case with most of these figures.  But the molds are spot-on and the quality is pretty good as well.


And lastly is the major figure that I was able to recently knock off of my want list.


G1 Soundwave has basically been on my since I was 6 years old.  I always thought he was one of the cooler looking characters, and he also has one of the cooler sounding voices of any villain ever.


I understand why he has had a facelift in regards to his alt mode over the years, but this will always be my definitive version of Soundwave.  Most kids these days probably wouldn’t even know what this is supposed to be.  But back in the day, it was just too awesome!  The ability to have little minions in the shape of cassettes stored in his chest was the icing on the cake.


Cosmetically, this one looks to be in pretty good shape, and it appears to have all of the original decals.  Some of the joints are a little loose, but he’s able to stand on his own, and will look awesome on a shelf next to the others.


The cover with the clip was included, but it did not include either of the weapons(batteries).  I have priced those out, and the should run me about 10 dollars apiece.  The deack needs a little help to open, but it does open and it stays shut as well.


Including shipping, I paid just shy of 40 bucks for this guy, which I thought was a pretty decent deal.  Considering how long I’ve wanted this figure, and how long I’ve been trying to find a decent deal on one in recent years, I’d say that I did pretty well.


Storm Shadow Version 2

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I ended up selling those 3 Game & Watch games on Ebay, which gave me some spending cash in my Paypal account.  I was able to get 2 items, and one of them is what you see below.

Storm Shadow V2 001

This Storm Shadow has been on my want list for a while, but for some reason, I never actively pursued the figure.  While the first version of Storm Shadow is iconic in it’s own right, this version means more to me.  This is one of those G.I. Joe figures that I had multiple times.  I know it seems odd to say that I had multiples of the same figure, but I never had more than 1 of the figure at any one given time.  This was a figure that went through heavy play, and probably got lost outside on more than 1 occassion.

What drew me to this figure more than anything, was his attire.  It’s a weird arctic camoflauge, which to my nine year-old self, was pretty darn cool!  Also, the forearm tattoo is pretty sweet as well.

Storm Shadow V2 002

I was able to get him close to 100% complete.  All that he is missing is his claw accessory, and one of the elbows has a crack(but that’s far from a huge issue with me).  So for $5.50(plus $3.00 shiping), I’d say that I got a decent deal.  I’ve added a figure that was on my list, I got it for a reasonable price, and I was able to purchase it by selling some games I didn’t really have a need for(that I made a pretty decent profit on as well 🙂 )

Storm Shadow V2 003

Next time we’ll see where the majority of the money I made went to.

Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Ultra Magnus

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So, it looks like I’m finally going to do a figure review(my version of one anyway), on the new(er), blog here.

And it should be no surprise that it’s a Transformers figure.  And this one is somewhat special to me.

You see, when I went to see TF – The Movie, I came out with Ultra Magnus being my new favorite Transformer.  While the original is on my want list, I could not pass this version up.  Sure, I need a Optimus Prime for my collection, and even though this is a repaint of the Optimus from this series(with a different head sculpt), I prefer Ultra Magnus’ color scheme.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 001

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 002

I think the artwork on the card is fantastic, and that was originally what caught me eye.  As you can see, he comes packaged in robot mode.  But if you know me, I always like to start with vehicle mode, and I’ll continue that trend here.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 008

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 007

His alt mode is a Cybertronian Truck, which is no different than Optimus.  While it’s not as iconic as a big rig, it still looks pretty neat.  The figure directions weren’t completely useless, but there were a few parts that didn’t really make sense, so I had to figure out about half of the transformation without them.

And as per usual, I think the figure looks best in it’s robot mode.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 011

For some reason, I really like this photo.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 010

UM comes with a blaster and sword,  The back of the card says that the two combine, but I wasn’t digging it.  However, I do like the fact that Hasbro did include both weapons.

Transformers Generations Ultra Magnus 009

The cost of these figures has gone down a little on these, not clearance, mind you.  But they are a ittle more comfortable on the expenses.  I also had a discount offer from where I ordered it.  In all, I paid around $10 total(well worth it).  Now, I know I won’t be getting the new Metroplex(that would be pretty sweet though), so I just need to pick up Starscream, and I think I’ll be set for a wave or 2.  😉

Yard Sale Finds #19

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Well, it’s been over 2 months since I last posted anything.  During that time I have started a new job, and my wife and I have been preparing everything for when the birth of our first child occurs(we’re less than a month away from the expected due date 🙂 ).  I also have a new smart phone(my first!), and have been getting used to taking photos with it.  I have a bunch of photos on it already, and there are a few(one in particular), that I can’t wait to share.

I am awake much earlier than I have been in the past, and just can’t seem to focus on getting any writing(typing) done.  But that changes today!  I have been itching to get something up, and the perfect storm came about today.  For those of you who are familiar with my last blog(or even the first post on this one), you should know that I am a huge fan of yard saling(and flea markets and thrift stores etc.).  So, today we will continue with that theme.

Since it’s been a little while since I’ve updated, this one is a doozy!


In the center is a “Super Fright Features” Egon Spengler.  Even though it’s loose, incomplete figure(as are most yard sale finds), It is one I did not yet have, and was a good deal at 75 cents.  The Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote figures are non-poseable pvc figures that were pretty popular in the 80’s and 90s.  They’re already in storage, but I believe these are stamped 1989, and they were only 50 cents a piece.


Now, I know this TMNT Thermos is in pretty rough shape, but they are exactly all that common these days.  Even though I only paid 50 cents for it, I would have happily paid three times that amount for this(you can tell it was loved).


Three more Game Boy games!  This year has been really good to me when it comes to finding these(and Ghostbusters as well).  Including these, I’ve added 7 games to the collection(6 really, I already have Tetris).  It was only $2 for the three of them!  Power Racer looks like it’s pretty early GB title, and I’m not familiar with Dexterity.  I can never turn down retro video games, which are becoming more and more scarce in the wild these days.


At a big mutli-family sale, I found Hulkster on a table full of varied toys.  Everything else had price tags, so I asked one of the sellers how much they wanted for this figure, and was told that this was the free Hulk Hogan figure!  This figure is in pretty awesome shape, and the colors are still bright.  I traded away my Ted DiBiase last year, so Hulk is now my only wrestling figure(from the only set that appeals to me…there are a few others I wouldn’t mind having).


The above items were found in a box of mixed small toys marked at 25 each.  Turtle Tunnel is a handheld game made by TOMY, from either the late seventies or early eighties(I can’t find a date on the thing).  The timer still works, and it’s reminiscent of games I played back in the day.  It’s hard to believe that this is what was considered portable gaming in the early eighties.  While I prefer the original robot Changeables, I also collect the dinosaur ones.


The Superman book is a choose-your-own-adventure type book from 1983, and the Heathcliff book is from 1987.  Under the printing information inside the Heathcliff book it states that this is a “Special book club edition”.  I don’t know if that really means anything, but even if it’s irrelevant, the reason I bought it is because I’m a fan of Heathcliff.


Commercial Crazies is a game I can’t seem to remember, and that’s pretty odd.  It’s from Mattel, it’s a VCR game, and the box art is awesome, so I’m not sure why I can’t recall this.  It’s missing one damn card, but is complete otherwise.  I was able to get the game and the 2 books for 50 cents.  The books were priced at 25 cents each, and I found CCVCRG in the board game section, where all board games are 50 cents each.  So, I was prepared to pay one dollar for my items, but when I got to the register, the woman said “how about 50 cents?”.  Two quarters later, and they were on their way home with me!  The funny thing is, I wish I still had a VCR so I can play games like this(and I would actually watch some VHS tapes just to watch the old trailers and commercials some tapes have).

I’m happy with everything above, but the last item is the greatest find of the group, and one of the best I’ve ever found!


Castle Grayskull!!

Yes, this isn’t a rare piece, but it’s the first one I’ve seen at a garage sale.  It’s definitely one of the more iconic playsets, and one I’ve been wanting to add to my collection for a while.  The real kicker though, is the price I paid for it.


2 dollars!

It’s already found it’s way to the storage unit, but not before I got some additional photos.  It was dirty as hell when I bought it, but it cleaned up pretty nicely.


And I just had to get some pictures of some figures interacting with the Castle.



Not a bad haul, and I plan on hitting more sales before the summer is over.  I’m not sure that I’ll be able to top this, but you know I’ll be trying to.

I have started to add links, and I’m hoping to post at least once a week.  I have a few posts that are started, but I’m not making any promises to the frequency of when I will post,  but I do want to make it somewhat regular.

Yard Sale Finds #18

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With the warm weather we have been having lately, it seems as if we have a had a little bit of an earlier start for yard-sale season.  Over the past 3 weeks, I have hit up quite a few, and found some very cool things, all for great prices.


To me, this is a very cool item!  It’s old-school Avon(I can’t find a year anywhere on the box or decanter), and it’s in very good condition.  I believe it to be from somewhere in the mid-to-late-80’s mainly based on the artwork, and the fact that the remaining cologne smells somewhat like the original Old Spice(unlike all of the different scents Old Spice makes these days).  Plus, owls are pretty awesome animals!


Each of these little figures were marked at 25 cents each, but the seller said that I could have all 3 for 50 cents.  I couldn’t argue with that!  The Tang mouths are stamped with a General Foods copyright, and were manufactured by Applause, but there is no year stamped on them.  I’m not sure if these were pulled from cereal boxes or sold in stores.  The little cheeseburger is from Hardee’s(the logo is printed just behind the eyes).  It is a water squirter, and is stamped 1990.  Who doesn’t love anthropomorphic food?!


Above, we have Rodney and Rhonda Reindeer, from 1980 and 1984, respectively.  There were produced by Hallmark, and from my research, it looks like they were on the market for a number of years.  I remember them from a promotion Burger King ran in the eighties, which is where I originally got one from.  I don’t believe that these 2 are from that promotion, but the only difference would’ve been the tags(and maybe the copyright dates), which these do not have.  I have been scouting these guys online for a while, but never pulled the trigger because they weren’t that high on the priority list.  But for 25 cents each, there was no way I wasn’t finally going to get them now.



Myself and a frien went halves on a lot of The Real Ghostbusters figures and 2 vehicles(Ecto-1 wasn’t one of them).  We paid the $5 asking price, and my cut is above.  My friend got just about the same amount of figures, as well as the 2 vehicles.  In all, I think it averaged out to be less than 30 cents a toy.  I love finding eighties toys at yard sales, and it’s a plus that I currently didn’t have any of these figures in my collection yet.


The “Haunted Humans” gimmick was pretty neat for it’s time.


I didn’t know what this was when I picked it up, but it was stamped 1987 Hasbro, and that was enough to warrent a purchase.  It turns out that this is a “Sleep Creep” named Creaky.  This was part of the Moon Dreamers line, which, from what I can find, were part of My Little Pony.  Creaky is missing it’s tail, but is in pretty decent shape overall.  Yes, this is a girl’s toy, but I took a chance because it was from the 80’s, it’s from Hasbro, and it only cost me 25 cents.  I think it’s a neat piece, and at this point, I think I’ll hang on to it.


These 2 Game Boy games are probably the highlight of my finds so far.  Metroid II is an awesome game, and has been on my want list for quite a while.  Oddworld just happened to be sitting right next to Metroid.  I inquired about how much the seller wanted for them, and was promptly told “25 cents each”.  This was a no-brainer.  Since I have picked these up, I have not even tested Oddworld, but I have put some time into Metroid II.  It’s a great game, and a lot of fun to play, especially if you’re a fan of the original NES Metroid.


And lastly is this Mario Superstar Baseball poster.  It’s framed, but these’s no glass or plastic on the front.  From what I was told, this is a display poster from a game store, and the seller had it framed to give as a Christmas gift to his son, who no longer wanted it.  He wanted $1 for it, but I wanted to press my luck to see if I could get it cheaper($1 is a great deal btw), because a part of me didn’t want it to take up so much space in the car(I put it next to a PS2 game to give a sense of scale).  I offered 50 cents, and he countered with 75 cents, to which I agreed.

Now that it’s Memorial Day weekend, I expect the sales to ramp up.  When that happens, you can be sure that I’ll be hitting up as many as I can.